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5 Top Las Vegas Home Buying Tips


Although your kids may be getting close to summer break, your homework is never done, especially when searching for a home in Las Vegas. If you’re looking to buy a home in Las Vegas, staying current with local real estate trends means doing research—and plenty of it. The process of hunting for a home worthy of investment can be daunting, but the savviest real estate purchasers abide by various Las Vegas home-buying tips to stay ahead of the pack.

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Making a well-informed decision is one of the most crucial elements when buying a home, especially in Las Vegas. Whether you are buying a property as a homeowner or an investor, there are several elements that should be taken into consideration. To help simplify the process and educate Las Vegas home buyers, we have compiled the following list of five Las Vegas home buying tips that will help you make a more informed, forward-thinking decision when evaluating potential properties.


trends62910Study Las Vegas Pricing Trends


Study the current price trends in your neighborhood of interest and familiarize yourself with the adjacent areas. For instance, if home prices are accelerating faster in one neighborhood compared to others, then you should be aware of this trend and uncover the factors driving the pricing increase.

In time, you will develop a sixth sense for knowing when prices are fair or overinflated when it comes to buying a home in the Las Vegas market. If an area is deemed overpriced, a neighboring area with more reasonably priced homes for sale might become the new real estate hotspot. If you keep an eye on these trends you can make a winning purchase in one of these up and coming neighborhoods. This is one of the most important home buying tips for Las Vegas or any other market.


Identify Profitable Catalysts


640x480Scan Las Vegas newspapers and magazines, watching for the development of essential infrastructure that will increase accessibility and raise the standard of living. Las Vegas home buying tips relative to the development of infrastructure include new roads, bus routes, hospitals, schools, etc. These developments can represent signs of a healthy and viable future in real estate and indicate a great prospect.

Growing communities can provide a perfect opportunity for a home buying investment. In addition, new shopping centers and luxury entertainment venues might also keep the tax base low, which is an appealing element for a prospective homebuyer like you.


Watch for Construction Underway

Construction-Medium-ImageKeeping an eye out for new developments can be as easy as looking out your car window. Land surveys, demolition and roadway widening usually represent local expansion and increased traffic to a neighborhood or community. If you’ve noticed any of this, follow up on the lead. Go to the local town hall or the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce; they should be able to clue you in as to whether any state-owned roads or properties are slated for development and the timeframes for the work. When it comes to Las Vegas home buying tips, understanding new development projects is a critical indicator for accessing future value.


Low-Tax Equals High Demand

Low Tax

It stands to reason that a neighborhood with low property taxes will be in greater demand for homebuyers in Las Vegas compared to a neighborhood with comparable characteristics, but higher property taxes. Call your local tax assessor to access property taxes for the area you are looking in. Not only will you know what to anticipate paying in taxes but you can also gauge how frequently property taxes are re-assessed.


A Quality Education

educationPeople interested in buying a home in Las Vegas, or any place for that matter, should research local schools to measure how strong the communities are for developing your family and young ones. Schools in which students score highly on the standardized tests are more attractive to parents, as these promise a better education and future for their children. There are numerous ways to procure this information. One easy way is to check the Nevada Board of Education website. Another resource is the website PSK12.com which posts school rankings publicly for most states in its free section.

If you are a local resident buying a home in Las Vegas, visiting the schools in person is the best method to get a real feel for the learning environment. The high-ranking schools will be proud to talk to you and show you around; plus, this should give you an excellent understanding of the neighborhood culture in which you’re thinking of buying a home.


Bottom Line


Do your homework and discover answers for these best Las Vegas home-buying tips so that you can make the most informed decision. Be sure to tap the local resources outlined above to determine the hot neighborhoods and, more importantly, gain stronger awareness of which ones may come back to haunt you in the long run. If you conduct your home buying research wisely, you won’t have to pay a red cent for the information. You just have to invest the time to do the homework. Luckily, we’ve outlined some great first steps of this process by helping you know what to look for. Take advantage of these home buying tips for Las Vegas and apply them today! Can you think of any other general or Las Vegas home buying tips that we missed? Let us know the best practices that you follow!